Princess Nail Salon




Do nails in a beauty salon and let your imagination run wild


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Princess Nail Salon is a game for little ones to let their imaginations soar by decorating clients' nails in a beauty salon kitted out with all the necessary tools. Kids can choose between three types of hands and two treatment options, plus many other combinations, before they start working.

In spa mode, they'll have to wash clients' hands, cut their nails, and tidy the cuticles, while in the design room they'll add a touch of color.

To design the prettiest nails, kids can use a color palette and different patterns that they can apply nail by nail, creating many different combinations. To erase something, they can just select the eraser and go over what they want to take out. With Princess Nail Salon, little ones can spend hours letting their imagination soar with a fun game where nails are a blank canvas.
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